Spot Sessions

A truely unique and special offering only provided by DC Hypnosis that leverages the power of online sessions to maximize your results!   Instead of one 60 minute session offered traditionally, we offer three 20 minute sessions that you can spread out over time to really lock in your results while keeping the cost per minute the same!   We have been testing this approach and the results have been better than we could have hoped!

After your free 45 minute consultation where we develop a custom solution just for you, we break that solution into three sessions.   Each session builds on the feedback of the previous one and hammers in your changes.   What makes this possible is the ease of online scheduling combined with the ability to have granular short meetings on zoom that are effective.  I cannot wait to see your amazement at the results this approach is achieving for our clients.  

*There is only one catch, in order for this method to work you must be able to join zoom sessions on time.   Therefore, Spot Sessions are only available to customers who are proficient with zoom and with online scheduling.  Showing up late or missing a meeting will still require payment in full for the meeting.  Being late to a 60-minute meeting is not as big an issue as being late to a 20-minute session.   

Session 1

We put in the suggestions and track how you do in two days. 

Session 2

Using the feedback from session 1 we alter the solution to be more targeted only using what works and dropping things that don't.  

Session 3

Yet again, using feedback from session 2 we further refine your solution and lock in changes using only the methods you respond to strongest.