Why does this work for smoking and nothing else does so easily?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Have you ever met someone who quit smoking using hypnosis? Chances are you might have. Smoking is one of the most addictive habits you can have, yet in 1 - 3 sessions, a majority of people can quit using hypnosis. If it is that powerful what else can it do?

People go under surgery using just hypnosis to kill the pain. Hypnotic anesthesia is used all the time, usually for people who cannot use the typical anesthesia drugs.

The question is, if hypnosis works wonders in these extreme cases what can it also do? Maybe you bite your nails. But that is a symptom of overall anxiety. If you remove the anxiety the nail-biting stops. If someone can be cut open while under trance or stop smoking, do you think feelings of anxiety can be eliminated?

I love one someone who comes in for smoking sensation and I help them also get promoted. Or I help with anxiety and then we fix your shyness issues while we are at it. That is the magic of hypnosis, it can do so much - if you allow it to!

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