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Self Programming

Updated: Oct 17

This is one of the most interesting parts of the hypnosis universe. When you think of someone being hypnotized in the movies the hypnotist snaps their fingers and the subject is now in their control. We have all seen it so much it is almost cliché. No, it's not that people can be turned into mindless robots, that is called brainwashing. The true part is that a trigger, called anchors, can be used to program a person to instantly change states of mind.

But there is more. It can also be touching a part of your body like the back of your hand. Triggers can be emotions or memories as well. Now, imagine what a person can setup.

  1. Touching the back of their right-hand makes them feel extraordinarily confident.

  2. Touching the back of their left-hand forces a feeling of compassion.

  3. Touching the right elbow makes you feel calm.

Picture your boss just broke your favorite mug. Do you think an employee with anchors could do 1 and 3 above can counter their temper? The answer is yes. Not only will it interrupt the usual emotional responses it will redirect to more helpful ones instantly.

What if when someone loses their temper they have an anchor to take a large breath and feel incredibly relaxed, like being at a spa. So that the act of losing one's temper is immediately followed by a reflex to take a deep breath and immediately start calming down. Yes, this is possible. However, to counter such a strong emotion like anger and tempers the anchors must be deep, and usually, that means they have to be exercised, just like any physical activity or skill.

There is a lot more to this. People can be programmed or program themselves so that one anchor triggers another. This is caused by chaining. I'll discuss this in another post.


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