No such thing as truth

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The sad news is that the truth can be a lie depending on one's perspective. Because language is not exact we can always play games with it to manipulate reality. Of course, you believe that 1 and 1 equal two. If you are from Mexico it equals dos. And then the false frame can be used to punish by saying " I guess it shows that you are racist towards non-English speakers by the fact you assumed you were so correct". Such games are more and more common, and they are traps that always exist. If you are not expecting this line of attack, you will be caught off guard and put into a defensive position even though you did nothing wrong other than choosing to communicate. Nothing exists without some sort of context. And context can be used to fool anyone with eyes and ears.

The context of a statement can be manipulated to extremes to the point that truth and untruth get played with. When you see this happening, such as "that depends on what the meaning of is is" chances are you are about to be tricked into something that falsely triggers the logical reasoning of the conscious mind to question something that should be taken as truth. Our minds are riddled with such loopholes and hypnotists are experts at identifying them and using them to make positive changes. So are politicians, preachers, and marketers. These are all examples of reframing and when you sense it happening to you, it is analogous to someone tripping you when you are walking by. It is a hostile act that can be disguised as innocent. The thing to remember is that the act is hostile no matter how innocent it may seem.

It is scary to see how reframes are used by people in authority in their language. I have a course on how to spot extremely manipulative language and how to protect against it. Given how strong it can be, it is a necessary skill in today's world if you want to maintain a level of cognitive independence.

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