Forgetting Things

If you have ever seen a hypnosis stage show, one of the most common acts is to have someone forget their name. If you ever questioned if that is real or not, well it is. Hypnosis does some things powerfully, many things nuanced, and a lot of things that depend on the situation. Forgetting is one of the powerful things.

What does it mean if you can forget your name? What else can you forget? Your name is the most sacred word to you. Can you forget to be hungry after 8pm. Or can you forget to watch TV during the day? Perhaps you can forget you don’t like broccoli? Maybe you are forgetting that you used to mind when your spouse does that one thing, what was that, I forgot already.

Forgetting is powerful. Most of what our subconscious does is filter out things so we only notice what is important. That is why when you drive you don’t notice every car on the road. Your subconscious is but it is providing your weaker conscious mind with just a few things since it really can only handle 5-9 things at a time. That is why forgetting your name almost always works. Your subconscious is excellent at limiting things. It is powerful filter.

Now think about how you could improve your life by forgetting just a few things. And note that when someone forget their name it is instant. That means it can be tested on the spot. The change is immediate.

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