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Focusing on Motivation

Updated: Oct 17

This is an idea I have been playing with recently. As I have noted in other blogs, what we focus on is a subconscious process that is easily controlled by conscious suggestions. If I say notice fonts that you see even if you were not, you will automatically start to notice the fonts around you. The suggestion will not last forever. Given how limited our conscious mind is on what it can pay attention to, some event is going to make the focus on fonts change. Maybe you get up and walk through a door (automatic frame reset) or you take a phone call and when it’s done you are back to your regular focused items. Using hypnosis we can extend the duration of a focus shift but need to be careful since it is a zero-sum game, focusing on a new aspect will remove other items. I once hypnotized a subject to really focus on opportunities that are unseen for her business while staying at her B&B. The next day they could not find their keys and misplaced their phone as well! It is important to balance focus shifts and to allow the recipient the ability to revert if problems arise.

What if we focus on feelings. In particular, what if you get a suggestion to become very aware of your motivations as they occur naturally. For example, even though I am writing this, when I started this suggestion I noted I really want to go outside and walk. As a thought experiment, what happens if we act on our motivations as they happen? I noticed, given I work from home and have a fairly open schedule, that I naturally take breaks every hour or so and tend to get back to work when inspiration hits me. There is less tabling of impulses and therefore a conversion of willpower. I’m doing what my mind is suggesting instead of suggesting what my mind is doing. I suggest you try this for a day if you have a creative type of job that requires inspiration.

Focus on feeling your inner motivations as they occur. They might feel like impulses to do something. Do not resist them instead simply comply. And as they occur see what happens.

Some things to note is when you are getting impulses to be creative, to socialize, and to move around and clear your mind. When do you eat? Does it match your impulses or a schedule. Just follow your impulse and notice how you want your day to be and how it differs from the way it is. Then consider how you can change your day to better align with your natural drives.

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