Lucid Dreams Through Trance

Learn to enter and exit a lucid dream state.   Utilze trance to control and establish the proper state of mind.  This is especially effective for those who struggle connecting with their subconscious though other methods. 

Let me explain...
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Earth and Space

Did you know Lucid Dreams can be induced through trance?   We will discuss the scene you want to experience and with your imagination, you will put yourself right in the middle of it and take control.  I can guide you as much as you like or as little.  You are driving.  I will also provide you with a tape that you can use to reengage with the dream whenever you want to relax and have that experience.  

I know it sounds impossible, so let me show you for free in 10 minutes how the lines between reality and imagination can be blurred.   Zoom or a phone call will do, just be ready to believe in something amazing.