Finally...Resting Naturally in a Wonderful Way

How many times have hypnosis patients inadvertently fallen asleep?   Believe it or not, this is one of the more difficult parts of being an effective hypnotist.   Too deep and the patient falls asleep, too light, and the suggestions don't stick.   Knowing this it's clear that hypnosis can cause someone to simply go to sleep.   My insomnia service does a few things for you:

  • ​Gives you a tape made just for you to put you to sleep that includes a relaxing background ambiance and one without.

  • Identifies the obstacles that are keeping you from sleeping in the way you desire and counters them with both hypnotic and behavioral resources. 

  • Teaches techniques to induce a restful state of mind lowering your overall state of anxiety during the day and before bedtime.  

  • Provides you with 2 calls at bedtime to put you to sleep while also determining what approaches work the best for you.  


There are three aspects we work on:

  • Getting ready to sleep

  • Going to sleep

  • Quality of sleep  

Getting ready to Sleep

This is not just blue light and all the other things you have tried by now like not working in bed etc.  It is a holistic approach to calm the mind and body prior to sleep.  Clearing your mind and creating a place for relaxing deep restfulness can start the process of claiming all of your many parts until none of them are wanting anything but to rest.   This happens throughout the day as you lower your overall state of stress and at night as you let go of any thoughts that are repeating or popping up.  Can you imagine reminding yourself during the day to push yourself so that you are more worn out either mentally, physically, or both?   You are also reminding yourself to keep calm and relaxed once the sun goes down. 


Going to Sleep


Whether you use the tapes made just for you or a hypnotic call, or nothing, when you go to sleep you will be going with a set of feelings in place.   You want to dream pleasantly, to be relaxed, and to transition to sleep in a cloud of tranquility.   


There was a time you can remember when sleep was not an issue and just happened.  Remember what that was like and consider what it is like to reconnect to those feelings and habits allowing you to feel that way again in the present.  


Quality of Sleep


This is where many of us suffer, staying asleep.  In the absence of a medical condition, hypnosis can be of great help here.  I mention that because we don’t want to sleep through something, like apnea, that really requires your body to wake up.  All the hypnotic suggestions will include a fail-safe to allow you wake-up if staying asleep is no longer helpful. 


Where your mind goes when you are asleep matters and we want to help it stay on course and work to increase your overall health.   That means fulfilling dreams and incorporating any learning from the day.   Did you know that long term memory is overwhelming loaded during rest? And setting up things that that if you wake up in the middle of the night you have a plan to reframe your night and go back to bed.