Free Consultation Features

Before starting formal hypnosis, you will have a free initial consultation.  You can schedule using our online scheduler by clicking 




This session will:

  • Determine if hypnosis is a fit for you and, if so, what amount of effort is estimated. Typically 1-3 sessions is all that is needed for most cases. 

  • Determine your personality type if you are looking to lose weight or address insomnia. 

  • Allow you to experience light hypnosis (optional). 

  • Teach you how to go into self-hypnosis (optional).  Hypnosis is a skill, like meditation.  I will teach you how to practice going into hypnosis so that you already have had some time to explore what hypnosis feels like on your own. 

  • If working with a child, explain what will happen in the first session and play a bit to make him/her more comfortable.