Turns out Anxiety is a Choice

Where does anxiety start?  Suppose there is a  loud noise or something that triggers you. This is anxiety - it's only in your mind! At the same time, hypnosis can make this stop. Let me explain how hypnosis works for mental health issues and why hypnotherapy has been found to be effective at treating various conditions including anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder, and phobias.     

The beauty is that hypnotherapy can cure the condition without finding the cause, unlike traditional therapies.   It can be used like a general antibiotic to calm everything down to the point you are no longer getting triggered by random events.    


In hypnotherapy, people learn how to redirect their thoughts and feelings just as a boat’s crew learns the current of a river.

Doing hypnosis teaches  you things that are not obvious about human nature and when I share these insights with you I guarantee it will change your life.  

When you are in a trance your body is completely relaxed and your mind is calm.  All vestages of anxiety are gone. And this is where it gets interesting...  Hypnosis is directly tied to your fight or flight response.  And did you know that anxiety is tied to fight or flight?  Once you start learning to turn the volume down on your fight or flight responses, your anxiety volume goes down too.  The first time you experience it, well it feels strange not to feel something you always have felt, namely any anxiety.   You litterly cannot feel that emotion. But soon, you will learn to control your level of anxiety as easily as turning a volume knob.  Let me show you how!

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