Turns out Anxiety is a Choice

One of the most amazing things about Anxiety is how effective learning self-hypnosis can be in eliminating it.  Often people are shocked about how pronounced the effect is!

When you are in a trance your body is completely relaxed and your mind is calm.  All vestages of anxiety are gone. And this is where it gets interesting...  Hypnosis is directly tied to your fight or flight response.  And did you know that anxiety is tied to fight or flight?  Once you start learning to turn the volume down on your fight or flight responses, your anxiety volume goes down too.  The first time you experience it, well it feels strange not to feel something you always have felt, namely any anxiety.   You litterly cannot feel that emotion. But soon, you will learn to control your level of anxiety as easily as turning a volume knob, guaranteed!

Screenshot 2020-10-29 211756.png

Now, here is the deal...  I guarantee I can teach you too how to turn down your own anxiety.   If you are not completely satisfied the session will be at no cost to you!