Dean Draper has been studying human thought for his entire working life.  As a technical manager and professional trainer at a Fortune 10 company, he started to notice certain team dynamics on high performing projects and came up with a tool to help construct teams based on personality types.   This pursuit led him into years of study into interpersonal dynamics and applied human psychology.  

After achieving success in the field of IT and tripling his income while working 30 hour weeks using a combination of hypnosis, NLP, meditation, and nootropics Dean found he had a passion for helping others actively get through issues and understand how their minds actually work so they can move beyond their imagined roadblocks and into the fast lane. 

Now Dean works with clients to achieve amazing results in a personal change with a specialty in anxiety therapy.  

His latest project is a set of techniques to help people on the spectrum become more in-tune with their emotional selves.