Dean is a certified hypnotist practicing in the Washington, DC area based in Bethesda, MD.  He has a master's from the University of Houston and a bachelor's from Tulane University.  

Throughout his life, Dean has studied the field of human thought.  He is an expert in personality type systems and has designed software systems that utilize personality traits to construct high power teams in the early 2000s. His approach to hypnotherapy is very tailored to the individual seeking change.   If hypnosis is a toolbox knowing which tool to use with each person is one of the biggest factors.   That is why he provides a free consultation to determine how well a candidate is for hypnosis and to test what approaches are going to be most effective before starting treatment.  If you are not a good candidate you will know and not be out any money.  

Dean's oldest child is on the spectrum and was not seeing great results from specialists.  Using NLP without hypnosis he was able to make a series of breakthroughs in a matter of a few days.  What was not even on the table was occurring overnight.  ​His latest project is a set of teachable procedures for those on the autism spectrum who wish to become more in-tune with their emotional selves and understand the world as others do.  


5225 Pooks Hill Road, Bethesda, MD

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