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Incredible Fall Special!  Our best deal ever...

Complemetary first session And $20 follow up meeting !

Hypnosis is a proven way to make positive changes in your life. It’s been used for centuries to achieve goals that are seem difficult or impossible - rapidly. And we can use hypnosis to finally stop smoking, lose weight, improve your self-esteem, fix or move on from relationships, or just feel better about yourself in general. You don’t have to live with the same problems anymore – hypnotherapy can change your life this week! 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ! -  This fall I am providing a free 1 hour zoom/phone session to get you started.  Then you can choose a standard 60 minute session or our new  twenty minute "spot" sessions x 3.  Spot sessions are only online and are short and to the point.  This is a unique offering to DC Hypnosis Practice.  After testing out the concept, the findings are that three sessions of shorter length produce longer lasting results than hour long sessions for many types of change work.   This is because you are reinforcing the changes over and over again and shifting any part of the change that is not working to something more effective as we learn what works and what doesn't.  It is effectively the same cost but with much more resilant results than typical one hour sessions while keeping prices reasonable.  We will discuss the best option for your budget and needs at your free session when you decide to make a lasting change with us.


All meetings are confidential.  Nothing is off the table, my job is to facilitate the change you want without judgment or question.   Let's get your guaranteed results as fast and quickly as possible!


All services are performed over Zoom until the pandemic is resolved. 

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General Session
$80 was $120

  • While you relax, discover what beliefs are driving you and holding you back as you start to become aware of deeper things in yourself. 

  • All you need to do is be open and honest and change will happen. 

  • Feel yourself changing automatically from day one. 

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Spot Sessions
$30 a session

  • Includes 3x20 minute online sessions. New..New..New!

  • Unlimited booster sessions at $30 a session past the initial three to lock in results. 

  •  Unique approach we devised to increase the duration of results and keep prices in order. 

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Anxiety Therapy 
$80 was $120

  • Immediate Release from the feeling of Anxiety or it is free. 

  • Learn techniques you can use yourself reinforced by hypnosis. 

  • Practice materials made just for you to keep yourself grounded after the session. 

  • More...

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$80 was $120 

  • Get over someone in one day and move on with your life. 

  • Fall back in love.  

  • Change yourself in ways you know will help move your relationship out of bad patterns. 

  • Includes a custom recording.

  • Find the roots of your problems and pull them out.

  • Finally, find the love you desire. 

  • More...  

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Weight Loss
$299 was $400

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Discover the real reason you are eating utilizing hypnotic discovery. 

  • Program incorporates scientific findings from your personality type. 

  • More  than pays for itself in grocery savings! 

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Change Program
$175 was $300

Weightloss, panic attacks, relationship problems, emotional issues ...

  • Includes 3 one-hour sessions.

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you. 

  • Recordings are provided so you can re-experience the session whenever you want. 

  • Results are guaranteed.

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