Why not fix things in a week that took a lifetime to develop?

Stuck and want to change some aspect of your life?  Tried other solutions and still having issues?  Heard good things about hypnosis?  Hypnotherapy can be the solution.   I provide a free 30-minute zoom consultation to help you determine what if any solutions we have available that will fit your needs.  We will discuss what you are looking to have help with and how hypnosis, NPL, EMDR, and cognitive behavioral therapy apply - if at all.  All meetings are confidential.  The goal is to get results as fast and in as few sessions as possible.  

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April Special!

Free initial 30-minute consultation over zoom.  Determine if hypnosis is for you without any risk!


All services are performed over Zoom until the pandemic is resolved. 

Anxiety Therapy 
$40 was $100

  • Immediate Release from the feeling of Anxiety or it is free. 

  • Learn techniques you can use yourself reinforced by hypnosis. 

  • Practice materials made just for you to keep yourself grounded after the session. 

  • More...

Testing & Academics

$160 was $300

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions that will rapidly result in better grades and test scores, or your money back.


  • Personality test review to optimize the program. 

  • Includes a custom recording.

  • Learn how to get into a "flow state" whenever you want. 

  • Learn about nootropics for memory and focus.

  • More...  

Change Program

$95 was $300

Weightloss, panic attacks, relationship problems, emotional issues ...

  • Includes 3 one-hour sessions.

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you. 

  • Recordings are provided so you can re-experience the session whenever you want. 

  • Results are guaranteed.

  • More... 


Discovery Sessions
$40 was $90

  • Take a break from the real world and spend time learning about hypnosis.

  • While you relax, discover what beliefs are driving you or holding you back as you start to become aware of deeper parts of yourself. 

  • Discuss your experience and learn about yourself!

  • More...

Stop Smoking


  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Unlimited booster sessions at $20 a session past the initial three to insure results. 

  • Includes a custom recording you can use to empower the suggestions whenever you want. 

  • Unique 3-week approach to breaking physical and emotional habits and cravings.  

  • More...  

Insomnia Package

$199 was $400

  • Fall asleep at a set time. 

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • 1 bedtime calls to refine approaches.  

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you, including recordings.

  • A proven technique to create a longer and more recharging night of sleep.

  • More...



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