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All services are performed over Zoom until the pandemic is resolved. 

Discovery Sessions

  • Take a break from the real world and spend time learning about how hypnosis is like a massage for the mind.

  • While you relax, discover what beliefs are driving you or holding you back as you start to become aware of deeper parts of yourself. 

  • Discuss your experience and learn about what your inner self is saying.  

Change Program

$95 was $150

  • A complete custom program just for you. 

  • Weightloss, panic attacks, relationship problems, emotional issues ...

  • Includes 3 one hour sessions.

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you. 

  • Results are guaranteed. 


Anxiety Therapy
$40 was $80

  • Immediate Release from the feeling of Anxiety.  

  • Techniques you can use reinforced by hypnosis. 

  • Practice materials made just for you to keep yourself grounded ongoing. 

  • More...

Stop Smoking


  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Unlimited booster sessions at $20 a session past the initial three to insure results. 

  • Includes a custom recording you can use to empower the suggestions whenever you want. 

  • Unique 3-week approach to breaking physical and emotional habits and cravings.  

  • More...  

Testing & Academics

$160 was $250

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions that will rapidly result in better grades and test scores.


  • Personality test review to optimize the program. 

  • Includes a custom recording.

  • Learn how to get into a "flow state" whenever you want. 

  • Learn about nootropics for memory and focus.

  • More...  

Insomnia Package


  • Fall asleep at a set time. 

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Up to 2 bedtime calls to refine approaches.  

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you, including recordings.

  • Note: Duration of sleep can be dependent on numerous medical conditions and can vary.

  • More...


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